Nixtree Pricing

Server Management

Per Server Management - Plesk

Per Server Management - Directadmin

Per Server Management - NoPanel

Per Server Management - Free Panel

Per Hour Support

Emergency L3 Support

Linux Server Monitoring

Per Server Management - cPanel Basic Edition

Per Server Management - cPanel EnterPrise Edition

Per Server Management - Basic Edition - Directadmin

Per Server Management - Offer Edition

Outsourced Helpdesk Support Plans

Helpdesk Support Plan - Startup

Helpdesk Support Plan - Standard

Helpdesk Support Plan - Premium

Helpdesk Support Plan - Night Only ( 8 Hr)

Helpdesk Support Plan - Night Only ( 12 Hr)

Helpdesk Support Plan - Per Ticket Bronze

Helpdesk Support Plan - Per Ticket Silver

Helpdesk Support Plan - Per Ticket Gold

Malware Cleanup Services

Site Malware Cleanup Service

Server Malware Cleanup Service

Products and cPanel Plugins

ntPHPselector v4 (EA4)


EA4 ntPHPselector Installation Support

EA3 ntPHPselector Installation Support

Backup Services

Managed Backup Plan - Bronze (100 GB)

Managed Backup Plan - Silver (250 GB)

Managed Backup Plan - Gold (500 GB)

Managed Backup Plan - 1TB

Managed Backup Plan - 1.5 TB

Dedicated Staffing

Dedicated Monitoring Tech 

Dedicated L1 tech 

Dedicated L2 tech 

Dedicated L3 tech 

Dedicated Senior Manager

Misc Service and Licenses

CloudLinux License

KernelCare License

Incoming/Outgoing Spamfiltering 20 domain

Server Hardening - cPanel

Server Hardening - Plesk

Server Hardening - Directadmin

Server Hardening - FreePanel/NoPanel

Directdmin Leased Internal License

SSL Certificates

Positive SSL Certificate

Wildcard Positive SSL Certificate